Campaigns require perspective to succeed

Sometimes your campaign manager will struggle with the day-to-day workload. It’s easy to forget the trees for the forest in the middle of a heated race. Most campaign managers know how to counterattack, but they don’t know how to deflect an attack. Did you know, more often than not, silence is your best defense?

Letting your opponent hang themselves may be your best strategy.

The electoral process can become so intense and all-encompassing that perspective goes right out the window. Then your campaign becomes just a series of reactions to your opponent or the press, and you lose control of the “conversation.” It always pays to have a unique outside perspective to help you and your campaign manager hone in your best message and communication strategy.

That’s where the big-picture communications specialists at Forward Communication come in!

The local political truths must always be considered!

Most campaign mangers understand the basics, and sometimes, that’s good enough. But a savvy candidate team always considers:

  • The candidate’s basic strengths and weaknesses
  • District demographics
  • District trends
  • The candidate field
  • Recent election history
  • Recent political press coverage
  • How the local “feuds” will affect a race
  • How other races will affect the race
  • Will a negative campaign work at the local level?

Statistical voter targeting is always a great start, but it may not be enough to win an election.

The best mistakes are the ones you avoid

Political Foot and Mouth Disease is not an inevitability. Forward Communication will teach your team:

  • What not to say
  • What to say and not to say to the press
  • How to talk less and say more
  • How deflect an attack
  • How to reframe attacks and bad press
  • How to ultimately craft a message and communications strategy that will work in your district

With both the basics AND the nuance in hand, Forward Communication will help you:

  • Hone your message
  • Get that message out there
  • Control the conversation
  • Positively and proactively use social media
  • Help you stay out of trouble, and get you out of trouble if you get into it

Putting it all together

Political communication is so much more than words! The simplest things can make the biggest difference. Strong communications prevents problems, controls the conversation and almost always leads to an election day victory!

And the need for effective communications doesn’t end with a campaign win. Now you have to get something done, and political progress always starts with a consensus. So, if you want to get re-elected, we’ll be there to help you with that too!

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