Political campaigns are much more than mailers, signs, forums and door-knocking. While those efforts are important and most campaign managers can handle them, the best campaign managers know that you always have to think beyond the obvious to beat a savvy opponent. These are the six core campaign principles that Forward Communication considers before you embark on the candidate’s journey.

1. Voter statistics

The numbers have to be there for a candidate to win. No exceptions! Using past election results and the most current voter data, Forward Communication will provide that statistical path to a victory. Most campaign managers will take on all clients, but if we can’t find that path or set you up for a subsequent win, we won’t take your money.

2. Voter data

It’s easy to get voter data, but how many candidates really understand it? Do you know:

  • How election authorities assign that critical Party tag?
  • How election statistical anomalies affect voter targeting?
  • How to avoid comparing election apples and oranges?
  • The long-term political trends of your district?
  • How to use party databases to your best advantage?
  • How to truly identify your best voters?

If not, it’s going to be a long and difficult campaign.

3. Every candidate has a core strength

It might be political intelligence. It could be a natural capacity to connect with voters. Perhaps you have the ability to fire people up. You might be that calm voice of reason. Likeability is a great. Whatever it might be, Forward Communication identifies your core strength and builds the entire campaign around it. Remember, the product your selling to the voters is you!

4. Effective messaging

You may be the next Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan, but without a core message that resonates with district voters, there’s no point in running. Forward Communication helps you craft the core message that defines your entire campaign. Based on that messaging theme, we help you:

  • Adjust to your opponent’s message if necessary
  • Handle and defuse bad press
  • Reframe and deflect an opponent’s attacks
  • Deal with social media trolls
  • Effectively take advantage of every messaging opportunity

Your core message stays the same, but Forward Communication understands that a campaign is a living, breathing entity that must evolve to stay alive!

5. Anticipating your opponent’s moves

Politicians and campaign managers are some of the most predictable people on the planet.  Forward Communication has spent more than a decade studying these folks and we understand how the various personalities operate. While most campaign managers focus on the basics and simply react, we stay ahead of the curve by anticipating potential problems and seizing potential opportunities. As the great Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will win 100 campaigns.”

6. Team building

Even the smallest local race requires teamwork, but because everyone thinks they can run a campaign, this proposition is fraught with more peril than you might imagine. Forward Communication helps candidates build and manage the volunteer team necessary to win an election. More importantly, we know how to eliminate the kind of distractions that kill campaigns.

A good campaign manager can win against a bad one – even with a bad candidate. But the best campaign managers make their candidates great. And great candidates win!


These six principles are what set Forward Communication apart from 98 percent of campaign managers. If you’re serious about winning, please give us a call. We’d love to talk with you!.

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