"We Get Good Candidates Elected!"

Campaign Management

Successful political campaigns require a combination of a big picture perspective with a laser like focus. If you can’t get the numbers to add up in your favor, there’s no point in running.

A great campaign manager will:

  • Craft a bulletproof message
  • Determine a statistical path to victory
  • Consider the big picture AND the basic plan
  • Tell you the truth at every turn
  • Anticipate your opponent’s moves

Political Messaging

Campaign managers can struggle with the day-to-day basics. It’s easy to forget the trees for the forest in the middle of a heated race. Campaigns are much more than mailers, signs, forums and door-knocking. The best campaign managers think beyond the obvious!

Have you considered:

  • District demographics
  • Voter trends
  • How the other races will affect yours
  • How the local press might influence your race

The best mistakes are the ones you don’t make:

  • What you don’t do might be more important than what you do
  • Can you handle the local press?
  • Does your campaign know how to deflect an attack?
  • Does your message resonate in your district?

Jury Consulting

Are you trying to beat the other attorney instead of convincing the jury? Are you arguing with the judge instead of getting your core message across? Are you so wrapped up in the trial process that you forget about the jury?

Whether you’re trying to convince 100,000 voters or 12 jurors, the messaging strategies are the same:

  • Craft a simple core message and stick to it
  • Use the courtroom space to keep the jury focused
  • Avoid body language mistakes that turn jurors off
  • Communicate with jurors throughout the whole trial – not just the open and close
  • Let the jury’s body language tell you everything you need to know