Forward Communication firmly believes that every candidate needs their M.O.M. to win an election. And our favorite acronym means so much more than the sainted woman who raised you! It’s the method upon which we will base your entire campaign. It’s the core campaign fundamentals that every successful candidate must always consider and build upon.

Candidates want their Mom around because she:

  • Tells the truth
  • Sees your strengths and weaknesses
  • Makes you put your best foot forward
  • Insists that you behave
  • Warns of impending danger
  • Protects you from the slings and arrows of outrageous political fortune
  • Privately calls you out when necessary
  • Speaks of you in glowing terms publicly
  • Makes sure the job be done right and in a timely manner

M.O.M. also stands for:

1. Message

As in you will get nowhere without a catchy and coherent message. And that message better be short, sweet and simple in order for it to resonate with district voters. “Message” also means that, once you’ve come up with a great slogan, you have to “deliver” it to the “right” voters.

2. Organization

Organization has two meanings:

  • Candidates must be organized. Creating and executing a comprehensive campaign plan according to a timeline that works in your district is critical.
  • Winning an election takes a team effort. All candidates need to develop and manage the kind of volunteer “organization” that single-mindedly works towards an election day victory.

3. Money (or Time)

You can’t win an election without effectively designed palm cards, door hangers, mailers and signs, and all those things cost money. You can make up for a lack of campaign funds by out-hustling your opponent, but if your opponent is willing to put in those hours, then you’ll have to come up with campaign cash to win.

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