The Candidate’s Journey

1. So you’ve decided you want to run for office!

That’s great! You have a burning desire to create change in your community and you’ve decided throwing your hat in the ring is the best way to do it. But you really don’t know how to run a campaign and you’re not sure you can win. And all those eager friends and family members who suddenly want to help really don’t know how to run a campaign, either.

2. Before you knock on that first door you have to:

  • Create a political committee
  • Understand and execute campaign finance reporting
  • Find the correct nominating petition forms
  • Collect double the number of required registered voter signatures within the petition circulation time frame
  • Submit your error-free nominating paperwork to the appropriate local election authority

Then you have to:

  • Come up with a message that resonates
  • Form a campaign team
  • Create a comprehensive campaign plan
  • Set up a fundraising event, or two, or three, or four
  • Design and purchase campaign materials like palm cards, mailers and signs

And you have to do all of that while working full-time and maintaining a stable family life.

3. Now the campaign starts! That means:

  • Public speaking
  • Effectively dealing with the press
  • Effectively handling social media
  • Consistent messaging
  • Learning how to hand attacks
  • Getting signs up on voters’ front lawns
  • Knocking on the RIGHT doors
  • Getting polished campaign literature in the hand of the RIGHT voters
  • And sealing the deal

4. This is the point at which most candidates crash and burn because they don’t know what they don’t know, and they don’t know how to effectively message or manage conflict. And when it comes to a political campaign, there’s always conflict.

5. Now early voting starts, and it’s time to hammer that message home. Have you correctly targeted YOUR voters? Do you have any idea how to predict your chances of winning the election?

6. After election day, you’re either going to be an elected official, a better candidate or completely frustrated with the process.

By hiring a campaign manager who’s effectively managed dozens of campaigns, not only can you greatly mitigate the many challenges of the candidate’s journey, but you can greatly improve your chances of winning that race. Forward Communication can help you:

  • Create your campaign committee and get the paperwork right
  • Get campaign finance reporting right
  • Create a campaign plan that targets YOUR voters
  • Learn how to effectively handle the challenges of a political campaign
  • Create a message that resonates with district voters
  • Effectively manage your campaign team
  • Manage conflict on every level
  • Get elected

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